Why Women Are Attracted To Assholes

Published September 12, 2022 tag category
Why Women Are Attracted To Assholes

The Profound Power and Pleasure of Female Orgasm

Fueled by pure primal instinct, our sex drive is a compelling physiological desire for copulation. Unlike most female mammals, women can enjoy immense pleasure from sexual activity. Of course a partner is not necessarily needed to achieve sexual satisfaction and orgasm, however it is always more fun to share erotic experiences with someone you care deeply for.

Staying Juicy! Maintaining a Youthful Yoni

Women tend to spend a lot of time and money on skincare. We want our skin to look youthful, supple and smooth. The key to younger healthy looking skin is sufficient moisture. In humid tropical climates, our skin naturally looks and feels healthier, and the women of the tropics generally look much younger than those who live in dryer climates. That is why it is so important for us to stay hydrated and keep our skin properly moisturized. Most women purchase expensive anti-aging skin products to moisturize their face and body, but what about moisturizing their vaginas? Yes, I did say vagina…

Sensual Evasions For The Week-End

So the weekend is right around the corner and you’re looking for something different to do with your loved one? Restaurant… Theater… Movies… Done that so many times! You want something special! Something sexy! Well, I have some ideas that might awaken your senses and should stimulate the sensual side in you!

Erectile Dysfunction And Relationship Problems

This article explains how can a man who is coping with erectile dysfunction ease his sexual problems and overcome possible relationship issues. It is also beneficial to everybody else interested in the art of sex.

Sex Fitness – Sexual Stamina

As a personal trainer people often come to me for sport specific conditioning. One thing didn’t expect though was for people to come back to me with reports about how my training had transformed their sex lives. Literally people would tell me that their sexual lives had been transformed by my training and they no longer were getting tired were enjoying the act far more than before.

Do You Judge Your Looks?

Do you ever look at someone (be it a man or a woman) and just say “Wow, that person is so good-looking! Everything must be so easy for them.” Are you a woman who will look at a woman who is in kick-ass shape and is pretty, and decide without ever talking to her that she’s a snobby…

Sexy Books – 7 Reasons Why They Are Good For You

There are many reasons why people read sexy books. Some read them for fun, others for curiosity, and still others to enhance or develop a good relationship. No matter what your reasons are, these books are good for you.