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Caris and Matthew had been together for over 2 years now. They enjoyed each others company the majority of the time and kept each other satisfied in the bedroom. Caris enjoyed being wrestled and by Matt. The feeling of being ravaged and dominated by her powerful lover turned her immensely. Even though the thought of a man shooting wads of his cum into her face or over her never appealed to her, she could never get enough of it when she was on heat and begging for it. Matt liked the fact that he could use his strong body to twist and corrupt his partner. He"d grab her hair on the side of her head and ram his hard and soaked cock down her throat. While they were fucking he"d grab fist fulls of hair on the back of her neck and pump her hard and deep. He always enjoyed making her come hard. The contractions by her pussy muscles around his thick shaft and the juices that pumped out of her sweet hole always made it hard for him to keep his composure. If Matt was feeling particularly horny he would throw her over the bed head, couch, chair, anything near by, and open her arse up and fuck her there. Caris used to hate it to start with but when she was being dominated by such a powerful man she could never resist. Now that her arse was used to it she found that she was coming harder through than vaginal. Matt saw this as a win:win situation.

Caris came home from work Tuesday nights later than usual, when she walked in she put her things down on the table and proceeded through to the bedroom where she began undressing to change into her night attire. Matt emerged from the ensuite naked. His tanned pecks and toned abdomen led down to his thick cock hanging from his 6 pack. Caris looked up to him as she removed her pants, she glanced over her partners body smiling approvingly like she did every time.

"Hi" he said through a flashing smile, "Hope you don't have plans tonight"
"oh, " and why would that be" she queried in a dumb blonde tone
Matt moved forward to her and wrapped his big hands behind her neck, pulling her lips towards his. He guided her backwards towards the bed and began to passionately kiss her mouth. Taking one of her hands he placed to up on the wood slats which formed the bed head. Once there he took the other hand and placed it similarly on the other side of the bed. He reached under the pillow and took out the hand cuffs he"d placed there earlier. Chaining her hands to the bed head he looked down on her smiling face.

"what are you going to do to me?" she exclaimed? A hint of excitement in her voice.
Tying her feet the slats on the foot of the bed frame he replied
"I'm going to fuck the shit out of you" and there is nothing you can do about it."

With her hands tied to the head and her legs spread, feet fastened to the bed frame he reached for the blind fold and slipped it over her head and covered her eyes. Caris" excitement immediately shot up a beat or two. She laid there naked and exposed to her partners desires. She could feel her body twitching in anticipation. Her exposed pussy began to leak. She felt him kneel on the bed close to her, she could sense that he was 
She jumped when she was startled by his tongue on her clitoris. His warm wet tongue sliding over her swelling clit sent sensations through her body, the warm room reacting against her skin as he worked his tongue over her pussy. He flicked his tongue up and down the length of her slit. Rubbing fast then slow, and building back up to fast. Caris could feel her clit throbbing as the blood rushed to her pelvic region. Her pussy was now secreting warm juice. She felt his tongue wander down and taste her sensation, she could feel him sucking the juice out of her hole. She loved it how the walls of her pussy were being forced toward his waiting mouth. She was pulsating with pleasure. Her breath was now becoming rapid. Soft moans were escaping every time his tongue flicked her clit. She nearly cam on the spot when she felt her clit being sucked through the lips in his mouth, his tongue working the very end of her clit. The sensation was incredible. She was bucking her hips as far south as her restraints let her. She would of loved to be able to grab his head and bury his face deeper into her waiting pussy but with the clasps in place her frustration only accented her burning desires. 

Her pussy felt like it was on fire when she felt her orgasm driving inside of her. Burning its way to the surface through her hole. He was now using the full face of his tongue, and was pressing hard and fast along the length of her slit. Her orgasm shattered though her causing her arms and legs to spasm against the restraints. A gush of juices flowed from her hot hole and down her arse cheeks. Matt continued to work her clit to prolong the length of her orgasm. Lapping up all of her juices she could feel his tongue flicking over her pulsating arsehole. She cried out and begged him to continue to which he responded by placing his lips around her arse and driving his tongue inside her. Her arse was always hot and he loved the taste of her hole. Her pussy juice was still flowing down over his face when she felt the bed move. She was panting hard when she felt her face getting straddled and a heavy cock placed onto her face.

"Be a good girl honey" Matt said with his face in her xnxxv sunny leone video snatch "and suck Adams cock hard like you do mine"

Caris was very confused, her exhaustion only cried out for more sexual pleasure. They had never talked about anything like this before but she could not control herself while she was in the state she was. She could feel the heavy head of Adams dick being wiped over her face and onto her lips. She did not want to be told twice. She opened her mouth and took in the taste of a new cock. She pressed her lips around the head of this member and bobbed her head back and forth. She could feel his cock growing in size as she sucked him. His cock was sweet as it slid in and out of her mouth. 

Adam watched as his best mates girlfriend began working his member over. She was taking in his length until his balls were resting on her chin. He could feel her throat swallowing down on his thick shaft. He placed a hand behind her head and began gyrating his hips into her face. Her tongue was flicking all over his cock inside her mouth, saliva was hanging from her chin to his dick lubricating this massive fuck tool. He picked up the pace sliding his long cock deeper and deeper into her face. He tightened his grip on her hair, forcing her face down harder and harder on his prick. She was moaning hard from Matts consistent work on her clitoris and her moans could be felt every time Adams cock was embedded into her mouth. She was moaning louder begging for more and more cock into her mouth. She was swallowing hard on the fat cock in her mouth, sucking all of the pre-cum that oozed out of it. Adam was now face fucking Caris; Slamming his cock deep inside of her. The feeling of her throat cramping around his dick was incredible, the better it felt the tighter he held his grip, the harder she sucked and the faster he fucked. Caris" head was a blurr over the dick in her mouth. She was screaming to be fucked when Adam pulled his dick out. It was covered in saliva, dripping off of his sack onto her face, his cock was hard as steel and craving the inside real forced anal against her will of a pussy. 

Caris screamed out for Matt as she came hard. Squirting Matts face with clear pussy liquid. Her thighs clamped around his head as her orgasm drove her crazy. 

"Matt, give me your cock, I need your cock in my mouth" Caris begged. 

"Beg harder" Matt demanded,

"Matt I need to taste your cock, Please I need your cock"


"Matt fuck my face, please fuck my face and my throat, fuck it hard, do what you want with me."

"That's better" Matt, moved up to her face and grabbed the sides of her head. 

"Open wide" matt said as he jammed his hard pick into her waiting mouth. We slammed his cock so far in his balls were smacking against her chin. His strong hands her forcing her head up against his thrusts, forcing his cock deep into her throat. 

"is that better?" Matt asked

"Yeaaassss !!!!" Caris screamed through her oral obligation. She loved the taste of his cock, she was craving it, he was so big and thick he filled her mouth and throat. She was swallowing hard every chance she could get. Matt could feel his cock drilling into her face, her face slamming into his pelvis. 

Adam knelt behind her and placed the tip of his on her hole. Her hips bucked in anticipation. Begging his cock to pound her inner flesh. Adams cock began sliding in. Parting the muscular walls that lined her hot box. His thick cock head pushing against her pussy. He pulled out and drove in again, and again, each stroke getting deeper and deeper inside her. 

Caris felt like her Pussy was being torn apart. Adams giant cock was forcing it's way inside her, spreading her walls like they had never been spread before. She was crying with pleasure; Insisting Adam to fuck her box harder. Her face was out of control. She has lost all inhibitions and was now at the mercy of her partner and his hung friend. The cock inside her mouth was huge and swelling harder. She knew that after a good face fuck her partner would not be far from blowing his load. She sucked his cock hard, clamping her lips tighter and tighter around his shaft. 

Matt withdrew with cock from her mouth, pounding his prick hard, resting the head of his swollen dick on her lips her yelled as his orgasm forced wads of hot cum over her face. Hot cum flew in lines over her mask, over her head and over her lips and nose. Wads hung from her hair and ears. Caris" long tongue tried hard to taste his semen. His cum was so strong, she flicked her tongue over her face trying to catch his hot wads. Swallowing everything she caught she opened her mouth, begging to taste his dripping manhood. He placed his dick into her mouth and Caris proceeded to suck every drop that hung from it. Her tongue encircled his shaft and head, locking her mouth around it she continued to bob her head back and forth to complete her partners orgasm.

Adam had his hands clamped on Caris's thighs and was pounding his cock into her . Each stroke forced hot juices to flow down her pussy lips and arse. She was bucking hard against him, making sure she got the full length of this cock. She could feel it ramming her hard. She was jibbering, babbling, begging for cock to fuck her, fuck her hard and fast. Adams dick was smashing into her his nutsack pounding her hot arse.

Matt undid Caris" feet straps and Adam twisted Caris onto her side. Matt could see her arse begging to get fucked. His dick was rapidly finding its length and he had an appetite for her. He pressed a finger into her hot arse, with the pussy juice as lubricant, it worked its way in. He could feel Adams massive dick pounding her pussy through the thin all that separated them. Her arse was so hot, Matt couldn't wait. He lined the head of his cock up and pushed its way inside her. Caris" screamed, and then begged for him to go deeper. This was their world now, she was completely lost. Matts dick edged it way inside her, pushing against her. He slowly withdrew and then thrust it in painfully deep. Caris" screamed again. The pain was so wonderful against with the pleasure of her pussy being fucked. The to men worked themselves into a rhythm. Caris could feel them grinding against each other. Sending pleasure waves throughout her body. She had never been fucked like this before. The two powerful men had complete control over her body and were fucking her for all she was worth. Her tight arse crunching Matts cock was powerful. He was spreading her cheeks hard to get in as deep as he could with each stroke. 
Adams hand was furiously working her clit. Controlling her pussy with every movement. His cock ramming her insides and his strong fingers whipping over her clit. Caris" could feel a massive orgasm imminently being released. Screaming for them to fuck her while she cums, her pussy opened up and sprayed hot pussy juice all over Adams rock hard cock. Bucking her hips against his motion she began begging for them to spray her face with their come. Undoing her hand cuffs she whipped off the mask looked straight into their eyes and begged for them to cum.

Caris pounded both their pricks with her hands, aiming their straight at her face Adam couldn't last any longer. He came hard and loud, cursing as thick cum streamed from the head of his cock and all over her willing face. She wrapped her mouth over his large head and continued to suck in dry as Matt cam heavily onto the side of her face. Caris" worked the new she was given well as a sign of appreciation. Her hands now free to cup his balls ensuring she got every last drop. Matt wiped his dribbling cock over her hard nipples before getting some oral attention himself. Slowly alternating between the two cock that gave her so much pleasure she could feel her pussy throbbing, satisfied and thankful.