Lucky Sex

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Lucky Sex

I'm David. I have to tell you about the experience i had 5 weeks ago. It was a Saturday night and as all Saturdays i went to my pal Steve's house. I rang the bell, waited for sometime for him to open the door. After around 5 minutes he didn't open it so, i thought he'd gone out. I wondered where he'd gone and more impotently why he hadn't told me even though he knew I would be coming. I had walked a few steps towards the gate when I heard a female voice. I knew it was Steven's wife Sue. She said "Sorry I was in the bath. Please come in". I turned around and looked at her. Man! Was she hot? She was usually hot but now with only a towel around her but nothing else, she was hotter than hot can be.

I went in. She said "Steve got a call from his office. He said it was very urgent. So he told me that I would have to tell you so when you arrived." But I wasn't listening. I was looking at her big, round boobs. For a moment I thought she noticed me doing so. "I'll be just a moment. I'll go change." I didn't want her to, but I couldn't say so. She got up and went into her bedroom. But she didn't close the door. Whether she forgot or did it on purpose, I don't now. I could look at a mirror in her bedroom. So I started looking at it hoping full hd xvideo download I would be lucky. Yes, luck was with me. I could see her going nude and wearing a skirt and a very tight t-shirt. Then she came out and asked me if I would like to have something to eat or drink. I said no and she came and sat next to me on the couch. "Let's watch something" she said and switched on the TV and started watching some program on it. But I didn't look at the TV.

I was looking at her boobs again as I usually did on my visits to their house. My dick was getting hard to the level it was starting to pain me. "For how long?" she suddenly asked. I was startled at the sudden question. "What?" I said. "I know you have been wanting to fuck me. I have always noticed you looking at my boobs. So I wanted to know since when you wanted to fuck me." Her tone was not of anger but was of curiosity. I was flushed. She was right. I had always fantasized about screwing her pussy with my hard, 8-inch dick. I was silent for sometime. "Tell me" she said. "Um..Well.Its not like free porn movies download theat..." I started to say. But, she cut me off in the middle "I know how its like. I am ready to fuck you but tell me since when do you want to do it?" Man! This was a bonus. Since she said she would fuck me, it was no problem. "Ever since I met you" I confessed. "I should have guessed" she said and put her hand at my crotch.

At that moment my heart beat went way up. I never imagined she would be so fast. I stared stupidly at her. "Oh come on! Even I have wanted to fuck you for a long time. Steve might be here anytime. So, just strip and fuck me." I stripped and she did the same. She made me stand up and bent on her knees so that her face was directly positioned at my dick. "Such a huge thing? I have fucked many guys including my husband. But nobody's got a fuck-stick that's this huge" I was somewhat happy at this comment. But happiness was still to come. She put my dick part by part into her mouth until she had the whole thing covered with her saliva.

The feeling was like I was in heaven if there ever was one. She put one hand into her pussy while she gave me a blow-job with the other. I couldn't control any longer and I cummed directly into her waiting mouth. "Oh! You cummed so fast? You didn't even let my pussy taste it." she said. "I couldn't..cont..control" I said. "Not to worry I know exactly how to get it up and about again" she said with a teasing smile. She made me sleep on the couch and aligned her pussy with my mouth. It was pretty obvious what I had to do. Her pussy was already very wet. I put my tongue as deep as it could go into her pussy. She began fondling with my dick.

I was hard again within minutes. "This time my pussy will take you."she said and turned around so that her pussy took in my dick and she faced me. She started taking my dick in and out. She also kissed me while doing so. It was very very pleasant. My dick was enjoying as well. I could tell because it was getting harder and harder. Now I was the one who took the initiative. I made her go on all fours and fucked her in doggy position. "I am cumming" I shouted. "NO" she screamed. "I don't want to be your kids' mother. Just remove your dick and cum all over me" I wasn't in a position to disobey her. So, I took my dick out of her pussy and cummed on her face, her boobs everywhere.

"Wow! Such a huge load." she exclaimed. I could do nothing but smile. She licked my dick clean and kissed me on my lips passionately. I got up to go home. She held my hand and asked "When are you going to come back for more action?". "I don't think we should do it again" I don't know why I said that but I did. "Oh come on" she pleaded "I'll let you /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass the next time". That was a big offer and I wasn't going to say no.

So here I am in Steve's house fucking his wife for the tenth time in five weeks when he's working miserably over-time.
"Oh!I'm cumming."
"Its no problem dear. I fucked Steve yesterday. So even if I become your kids' mother that shithead will think they are theirs."
"Ha ha ha. My /friend/best-friend/">best friend's wife's gonna be my kids' /mom/">mom. Awesome. AH! Just a bit more."

My dick is emptying its contents into her for the /first-time/">first time in 5 weeks.