Stepping Out With Steph Part Two

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Stepping Out With Steph Part Two

Having enslaved Stephanie, Blair and Joanna still had to deal with the fact that she was probably /pregnant/">pregnant with Blairs child, and the fact would soon get out to his staff. True, he was the boss, but would his employees ever respect him after this episode of incest?

The couple agreed that Stephanie would stay at home to babysit Oscar during the day, and that she would do all of the household chores as well. Only then would she be rewarded with sex and other privileges. She would also have to help them find a way to persuade the staff at Blairs company to open up their minds to the sexual freedom thing.

The plan that was finally accepted was that the entire staff and their wives would be invited over, with the understanding that this was a grown-up /party/">party, so leave the kids with the grandparents. When all of the people arrived, Blair sat them down porn videos download and announced, "Well, guys, we thought that this might shock you, but you should know that Stephanie is pregnant with my kid, as a result of a threesome with me and Joanna. Before you condemn us, however, let me just show you the woman in question. Steph, come in here."

Stephanie appeared in her majorette costume, with the underwear part cut out, and hiked up the skirt section of it to reveal her /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass. The group stared at this lovely woman, realizing how hard it would be to refuse her. Then Blair spoke up again, "Alright, Steph, you will take care of the men, while Joanna and I handle the women."

At that Stephanie bent over, while Joanna and Blair removed her clothes, and then she got on all fours, offering to take on every man present. Meanwhile, Blair and Joanna stripped as well, making it clear that they really wanted both husbands and wives to have fun.

Eric, Nat, Victor, George, Wendell, and Steve all took off their clothing, which encouraged their horny wives to do the same, as they had, in many cases, lusted for Blair for years. The 6 men decided to do this in 3 groups of 2, allowing Steph to receive DPs, after she had sucked them all to /ejaculation/">ejaculation. 

Rhiannon was the 1st girl to get it, as she started sucking Blair off, while Joanna started eating her from behind. Never having experienced a womans tongue down there, Rhi was soon out of control with her /climax/">climax, while she quickly drove Blair to his. She kept sucking and sucking for all she was worth, until at last he released his cum into her waiting orifice, which evidently delighted in the new taste.

Steph was really going for it, too, swallowing Erics and Wendells cum, taking Victors, Georges, and Nats on her face, and catching Steves on her breasts. She screamed with her ecstatic pleasure, as Eric shoved his manhood inside her ass, while Wendell rammed her pussy cowgirl-style. They totally reamed her out, giving her no chance to recover, as they ruthlessly DPd her swarthy form.

Rhiannon now felt xxx Blairs cock inside her cunt, giving her a thorough rutting, while her cousin Shannon went down on Joanna, drooling and slobbering all over her pussy, and completely satisfying Blairs wife the only way Blair couldnt do equally. 

Eric and Wendell spent their loads, but it was hardly over for Steph, as the next guys, Nat and Victor, took their turns double-penetrating the woman. "You like this, dont ya, /bitch/">bitch- getting a bunch of hairy, horny construction workers to DP your body? Look at the way she responds to the feeling of 2 cocks in her at once, and large ones at that.", Steve taunted her as he watched her get the 2 penises inside her.

Rhiannon was now done, so Blair simply grabbed Marley, Erics wife, 
to pound her with his used cock. He didnt show her any mercy, either, screwing her with incredible energy and speed. He just kept relentlessly slamming her pussy, as it ached and begged for yet more penetration. Joanna had moved on as well, seizing Lisa, Steves wife, and making her rim her ass. "Lick my ass, you silly slut! Ill bet that youll be loving the way a woman tastes in minutes.", Joanna remarked.

Steve and George now replaced their predecessors, teaming up on Steph, and giving her the most vigorous double-penetration of the night."Come on, slut, give your brother and his wife a show! Be a real tramp, so you can make them proud!", Nat urged her.

Blair had graduated to fucking Celeste, Victors wife, in the ass, as she screamed and squealed for more, not for him to stop it. Bethany, Georges wife, was being 69d by Joanna, as the rest of them just in shock, realizing that they had just done something with someone here themselves. 

The whole night was just getting started, everyone realized, as Blair began pounding Shannon, and Joanna started in on Celeste and Marley.
Lisa masturbated for a while, watching this happen, as Steve and George finally finished with Steph, and she lay fatigued, but fulfilled on the living room floor. Celeste kept lapping at Jo, while Jo did the same for Marley, with the ladies fully prepared to reverse positions. 

Blair just knew that this was going to the swinging circle for him, Joanna, and Stephanie from now on, with no need to go outside it.