Being Used As A Fuck Puppet

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Being Used As A Fuck Puppet

I have recently been helping out at a hotel and I was admiring the owners vintage cars. He is married to a beautiful lady who I am great friends with. Over Christmas I visited them for a /party/">party and dressed in my tgirl clothes for the two day event.

It was one of those events where you knew immediately that there would be some sexy fun to be had. I had heard rumours that some of the ladies at the party liked well endowed men. When the party was in full swing I noticed the arrival of an elderly guy who was attracting attention. I asked my friend about him and she said that the guy regularly services bi-sexual couples because of his large cock and staying power.

I got talking to him and he agreed to a personal session and we agreed that he would perform in front of a private crowd in a spare room. I went to the private room with him. As we went up in the lift I invited him to have some upskirt fun with me. I bent over and he placed his large hands over the stretched material of my panties. He worked his fingers into my panties and he probed into my shaved /hole/fuck-hole/">fuck hole. It was then that I sensed his enormously /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock which was standing proudly against his suit trousers.

As we entered the spare room the couples in there became quiet as I started to unbutton his trousers. I greedily gorged on his large shaft while some of ladies and gents started to masturbate. A kind man was invited to lube me up while I sucked the well endowed guy to the hilt.

Once he had produced that tell tale pre-cum I turned around and invited him to fuck me from behind. One alain lyle porn finger then two fingers were inserted into my lubed hole and I was stretched open in order to accomodate Mr Big.

I cried out as he inserted his monster into my ass. Several senior guys in the room came heavily at the site of a stretched /butts/butt-hole/">butt hole being riden. His first few gentle strokes got the /party/fuck-party/">fuck party off to a great start. When he started his fiercer strokes I could feel all the bulging veins in his dick. On some strokes he pushed and held his wide sex tool in me. indian santali xvideo He was strong enough to lift me up on some deep dick strokes. I noticed that he enjoyed the look on my face when he was in to the hilt. His balls were enormous and packed.

He fucked me for a good ten minutes at various stroke rates. However, when he grabbed my shoulders and pulled my basque down to hold onto I knew he was close to shooting his white wad. When I looked back his enormous forearms were bulging and when he came in me it was like a spunk douching. His big spurts from his bulging helmet were hot and thick. I shouted with pleasure at the experience which the crowd seemed to appreciate.

What a guy, what a fuck and what a great few days partying.