Where I Belong Part 2

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Where I Belong Part 2

     As I drove to work Monday night, the weekends activities were buzzing around my  mind.  I hadnt been in contact with Barbie since our little cyber session, white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie so I had no idea how seeing her face to face was going to be.  With all the sex talk we had shared over the past few years, I wondered if things were going to be awkward at all.  Then again, me talking to her about how I was fucking her and in the process giving her an orgasm, was never part of our talks!  God, how does a person get into these situations?

     Well, everything turned out okay, except seeing her before had never aroused me like I was when we first met up.  As the night, then the week progressed, our breaks and lunches had all new meaning.  There was a sexual tension between us and we both knew it.  By the time our last break together of the work week arrived, we were both literally breaking into a cold sweat around one another.  We, of course, agreed to chat on Saturday.

     Like clockwork, Saturday night around 11:00, Barbie and I logged on and began stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv the nights activities.  We small-talked for a short while, reminisced about our cybering from the week before, then got into what was to be, the most important discussion in our three year friendship.

     "So, besides our little cyber chat from last week, have you thought about how we would be together in real life?"  I was nervous, but yet confident about her response.  This was my /friend/best-friend/">best friend after all, and I had more than a little insight into the way her mind worked.
     "Every day for a week," she responded, almost immediately.  "You?"
     "Same here, Barbie.  I always thought you were attractive, but if I had ever thought about it, I am pretty sure I would have descibed you as sexy, too."
     "LOL  Oh, shucks."
     "I am serious.  In fact, if you were here right now, Id fuck you right here in my living room."
     "Oh really...?"
     "Yes.  We are standing face to face and I start kissing you.  Very passionitely...  our tongues are intertwining.  I begin to kiss down the side of your neck, pulling down the front of your blouse, so I can lick your cleavage..."

     "Ohhh Michael...  What am I wearing?"
     "All black."  A personal favorite of mine.  "Black blouse, a tight, form-fitting black skirt, and either black pantyhose or stockings, and sexy black heels."
     "Why the indecision on the ph or stockings?  LOL"
     "Well, I havent seen them yet.  Maybe I should take off your skirt to find out."
     "No.  Maybe I should pull up my skirt and show you."
     "Yes, I would like that."  My mind was racing at this point.  I could imagine her long /blonde/">blonde hair spilling down her back, a /tight/tight-skirt/">tight skirt hugging her hips, and in my mind, her shapely, sexy legs covered in  thigh-highs.  I had a raging hard on as I imagined her like this.  I had only ever seen her in jeans and t-shirts at work.  I  started to unbutton my jeans.

     "So, I am pulling up my dress for you.  What do you see?"
     "Youre wearing a silky black /thong/">thong and lace top thigh-highs."
     "Do you like what you see?  Do you want to touch me?"
     "Yes, to both questions."
     "Do you want to know what Im wearing while Im talking to you?"
     This threw me for a second, but I went with it.  "Yes, what are you wearing?"
     "I have on a tight, red sundress, and NOTHING on underneath.  Do you want to know what Im doing while we are talking?"
     I gulped.  I also stood up and slipped off my jeans and /underwear/">underwear and began to slowly stroke my cock.  "What are you doing, Barbie," I asked, already knowing the answer.

     "My dress is up around my waist and Im rubbing my clit thinking of you.  My pussy is soaked.  Finish your story so you can make me cum."
     I fully intended to, but I had to make her even worse off than she already was.  "Barbie, I am masterbating while we talk.  I want you."
     "OH MYYY GODDD," was her response, in all caps.
     I continued the story.  "I slowly pull down your panties, kissing each inch of flesh as it is exposed.  As I slip them off of you, I pull you down to the floor and spread your legs."

     "Oh Michael, I want you to lick /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy.  I want to cum in your face."
     At that, I started to stroke my rock /hard/hard-penis/">hard penis even faster.  "I slip off your shoes and slowly start sucking your stocking covered toes."  She always said she was a sucker for a good toe sucking.
     "Oh God, I have my finger inside my pussy now.  I am so horny."
     "I am kissing and licking up your leg, and behind each of your knees."  BIG TIME erogenous zone on her, she always said.
     "I am so close, eat me out.  I want to imagine your tongue on my pussy."
     "I take your clit in my mouth and start sucking on it."  I am close to cumming as well.  "I move down and start flicking my tongue in and out of your pink, /hole/wet-hole/">wet hole.  I am masterbating too.  I am almsot there."
     "OMG.  Make me cum and then let me taste your cum."
     "I am sucking on your clit again and now I am fingering you.  I need to cum, baby."
     "Oh my fucking God.  I am going to explode."
     I could feel it building in me too.  I decided to finish myself off and I began stroking as fast as I could.  A few seconds later I came, my thick, white gobs of /semen/">semen hitting the carpeted floor and spilling over my hand.  I paused to catch my breath and grabbed a kleenex from beside the desk and cleaned off.

     "Michael...  you there?"
     "Yeah, Barbie I am.  I had to clean up a mess.  LOL"
     "Oh my God.  I came so hard I squirted all over the puter chair.  LOL  I hope dumbass decides to stay away from here for a bit!"
     "Me too.  I made a bit of a mess under the desk.  Very wet there.  LOL"
     "Michael, I have to be quick here.  The big, dumb animal will be up soon, so I have to get off of here, k?"
     "I want to ask you something, but I dont want a response right now.  I want you to think about it."
     "Sure.  What do you want to know?"  My heart was racing.  What could I possibly need the rest of the weekend to think about?
     "Well, a lot of things are going on here between us, that I really dont understand.  But, I do know I could trust you with my life, right?"
     "Of course, and the same goes for me too."
     "Okay, here goes.  Since our sex lives suck beyond all description and we trust one another no matter what..."
     She paused for a period of about five minutes.  I hoped her idiot boyfriend hadnt woke up prematurely.  I had to know what she was going to ask!  "Yes, go on," I impatiently typed.

     She suddenly came back.  "I want you to think about doing what we just did on here for real.  I think we should have an affair."
     And with that she signed off.  And I had a lump in my throat the size of a basketball.  And yet, I had never felt so excited in my entire life!