Ebony Fantasies Are Fulfilled Ch 2

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Ebony Fantasies Are Fulfilled Ch 2

In chapter one I was laying in a hotel room with my naked body laid across the bed, waiting on my lover to come out of the shower. As the lights were dim and smell of incense burned in the air my lover walked out of the bathroom into the dim room. All I could make out was a dark figure standing in the darkness. When she walked out of the darkness into the light my mouth drooped and my face turned red as the sun. It was Dianas mother Gloria standing in a long black silky robe smiling. 

Gloria stood there starring at my naked body. She quickly explained that after watching us that night in the living room she became excited watching us. She explained that she told Diana that I called and told her that I wasn?t going to be able to come over. Gloria then told Diana that she and a friend was going out of town on a shopping /trip/">trip thus giving both of us excuses. Gloria explained that after her divorce from her husband ten years ago and being so busy with her work and raising her two daughters and getting over her ex cheating on her she just hasn?t even thought about it much until now she saw Diana and I. Gloria took off her robe and starred over my naked body. 

Gloria was in her late 40s. Her body average she had skin color like Diana. Gloria wasn?t big but she wasnt skinny either. Her breasts were large, but firm with a nicely shaped ass and her hair was long and natural. Gloria walked over and sat on the edge of the bed and reached for my fully erect with soft hand. We kiss each other with slow and soft kisses. I started to kiss her neck moving my lips down to her nipples. I took her nipple into my mouth sucking while my fingers were rubbing her clit. Gloria told me she wanted to suck my cock. We positioned ourselves and got into a 69 position. Gloria took every inch of my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock into her mouth while my tongue was deep into her /sweet/">sweet smelling pussy. 

Gloria, feeling my balls becoming full of cum laid beside me on the bed. After a few very passionate kisses I got on top of her and she spread her legs wide. I slipped half of my cock inside her wet bushy pussy. For a woman her age she was very right. I then slid the rest in and started pumping at a slow pace. Gloria put both of her hands on my ass and started pushing me into her harder and faster. Gloria let out a cry, "oh baby please /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard!" I started to move faster and with more force which caused my balls to slapping against her ass. 

Gloria, wanting me to pull out of her said, "I want to be fucked me from behind. Not wanting to disappoint her Gloria got on all fours and I slid my cock deep into her awaiting pussy. It appeared her pussy was even tighter now, but she encouraged me to fuck her hard and fast. Gloria started to /hard/cum-hard/">cum hard as I felt her pussy lips tighten around my cock. As we continued Gloria let out a cry for me not to stop, and I continued on until my balls started to hurt. Gloria yelled that she wanted me to cum inside her as my /climax/">climax neared and started shooting my load of cum deep inside her and as I did her pussy was milking me of every drop of my hot white cum. 

We got up and showered together only to return to our love making all sexxxx video ful hd night long. I really didn?t feel /bad/">bad about going behind Diana?s back because Gloria and I continued to please each other but there was nothing serious between us. Diana eventually met the man of her xxx sex video download free com dreams and broke off our relationship.